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Rendija offers a variety of exercise options, from trail adventures to neighborhood walks. If your pup prefers playing ball or just getting a potty break and snuggles, we can accommodate that as well. In most cases our walks are private and on leash, but we can discuss what is best for your dog(s) during the free consultation. We always clean up after your dogs during our outings. Upon our return, we will dry paws, change water, and administer any treats/meals/meds requested. You will also receive a photo and text report of the day's happenings.



$25 - 20 Minute Visit

$28 - 30 Minute Visit

$33 - 45 Minute Visit

$38 - 60 Minute or Longer Visit/Hike

While Sara/Rendija Dog Hikes no longer offers vacation pet sitting, 3 of our past long-time team members Tina, Amelia and Miranda offer these services privately. Please reach out to them to schedule or text 505-709-0197 if you need their contact information. I am closed Thanksgiving weekend and December 24-January 1st but these other ladies may be able to help you during holiday periods.

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